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This disgusting, horrible website has been brought to my attention when somebody posted it in my ask box earlier…  I am actually shaking with rage right now, why is this website not banned?!  

As well as revealing Mila Mortice’s personal details, it criticizes her in such a spiteful, disgusting way that it is literally hard for me to stomach.  The website falsely compares her to Felice Fawn and is probably made up by some jealous girls with a stone for a heart. Guys, Mila is such a lovely girl, who has helped me out a great deal in the past, and is nothing but pleasant and she is extremely intelligent and compassionate.   Just think about how she is feeling right now, she has now put a password on her blog!  that makes me extremely upset to see an innocent girl who i greatly admire being ripped to shreds by cyber bullies, and these gutless cowards even criticized her parents.  Imagine how that made Mila feel!  She’s only 16!  People forget she’s a real person with real feelings, she’s not there as somebody to get your anger out on.

The ludicrous lies even go far enough to say she lied about having her eating disorder… you heard me!  how fucking despicable?!  Mila opened up to her followers about her having Anorexia/depression, and everyone needs to understand that that is such brave and difficult thing for somebody to do, and to have that made fun of, saying that she lied about it to be like Felice, is just another disgraceful,  horrible sign of a fucked up society in which shit like this happens.  We NEED to get this site banned! If you’re reading this Mila… I love you, and so do tons of other people, don’t listen to the worthless scum who criticize, because they will never be as half a decent person as you. xxxx

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